About Zchuti – General Company Background

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Zchuti (“my right”), will assist you in formulating a complete and appropriate medical file for the National Insurance (Bituach Leumi), income tax, insurance companies, pension funds and the Ministry of Health. The Zchuti team specializes in helping thousands of its clients realize their full rights from the institutions due to injuries, damage, illnesses and medical problems. Contact us through our website or call now *5520 from any phone. The call to the call center and an introductory meeting are free of charge and without obligation.

The unique combination of knowledge in a wide variety of fields, accounting and taxation experience and cooperation with doctors with wide-ranging knowledge in medicine gives you, the customer, the opportunity to take care of your financial rights that are due to your health problems. The Zchuti Max Method guarantees maximum rights in minimum time.

Our extensive experience with thousands of customers all over the country, gives you confidence that you are being taken care of in the most professional manner. This is done with an emphasis on providing high quality service and obtaining an optimal result, which is very significant financially. The service, which is provided for payment, does not include legal advice.

We can assist you with the following services:

  • Analysis and consolidation of your medical file.
  • Preparing the necessary certificates and creating the medical file.
  • Filling-in the appropriate forms and assistance in filing the claims.
  • Preparation for a medical committee and analyzing the results of the committee.
  • Handling tax-exemption.

So far Zchuti has handled thousands of clients claims, including by members of the Teachers Union, the Teachers Association, the Police Funds and more.

Each customer is handled individually according to his/her case profile.

Most of the cases that were handled ended successfully with substantial monetary compensation to the client.

The letters of gratitude from our many customers attest to our service awareness, our experience and the results we provide. It is worthwhile reading our clients' letters to understand the values, vision and highly developed service awareness of the Zchuti team over the years.

If you have a right to receive money due to an accident or illness, we will do everything to help you.

To contact Zchuti call now: *5520

Contact us using a contact form

Zchuti Offices Address

  • Tel Aviv Branch: Kiryat Hamemshala Building, 125 Begin Road, Tel Aviv (corner of Kaplan Street); Two minutes walk from Tel Aviv Hashalom train station.
  • Haifa Branch: Sinemol Mall (Lev Hamifratz), HaHistadrut Boulevard 55, Haifa – 3rd floor. This mall can also be reached by trein.
  • Jerusalem Branch: The City Tower Building (10th floor), 34 Ben Yehuda St., near the old Mashbir.
  • To make an appointment at any branch of Zchuti, call from any phone: *5520.

The paid service and handling are provided by National Insurance Institute veterans, accountants, tax consultants, insurance personnel, experts and service personnel who specialize in assistance in obtaining medical rights. Please note: our services do not constitute legal advice and do not include legal representation.

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